Ocean Breeze Room Reed Diffuser


The fresh fragrance to carry everywhere, the Ocean Breeze Room Reed Diffuser takes you to the beach, chill & dip your toes in the soft sand and breathe the air.


Improve your environment with relaxing Ocean Breeze Room Reed Diffuser
Enhance your living space with our Ocean Breeze Room Reed Diffuser. This high quality reed diffuser is going to turn your home into a spa day. You can also place it in the bathroom to get rid of bad odors. Enrich your life by enhancing your space.

About this Item
Diffuser Features – Ocea Breeze, reed diffuser
Holds approximately 140mls
Affective time up to 10- 12 months
Handmade in Sydney, Australia.

Reed diffuser care instructions
Do not place diffuser on sensitive surfaces.
Always clean up spills immediately
Do not place diffuser in direct sunlight
Keep diffuser stored below 30 C degrees, ideally in room temperature.
Do not place diffuser near fire sources.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.