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A Story of Freshesness

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The Red Lauren journey started with Phillippa (owner and maker) making just a few candles at home for herself as a hobby.  The hobby grew out of control and this is when a business idea started.  From that point on, she wanted to have something unique in the marketplace, hence all the candles are made with wooden wicks.
The brand name came from her daughter, whose middle name is Lauren, and the Red was from fire/flame.  When Phillippa started the business she had two teenage children to solely support, and this was a great way to immerse herself into something creative and useful.  
All of the products are hand-made by Phillippa and there is no outsourcing hence every one is very individual. 
All the raw materials are sourced from local suppliers, and when possible only purchase Australian Made products.  As a small example of this, all my labels are made here in Sydney.  
Red Lauren is very pleased and proud to have the “Australian Made and Owned” licence for the glass candles.
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